Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Oops - total failure of the blogging kind

I really must start blogging more regularly.  My last effort was back in September, and I even signed out with a "I'll be back next week"...  So 7 months later!

I finished the Biennial back in November, then a few of us decided to hold our own exhibition, and called it "Not Just" which lasted for 4 days at the Domino Gallery off Renshaw Street. 

It was well received although unfortunately co-incided with the first snow of the winter so visitor numbers were subdued.  Anyway the Liverpool Echo wrote a nice piece and decided we were called the "Not Just Collective", and well, if it says it in the papers it must be true, so the Not Just Collective was born.

Our second exhibition "Recurring" started as a one night event on LightNight - 17th May, but has expanded somewhat and will now run for 11 days to 27th May at the Galley in Camp & Furnace.  The plans for this are coming together so I'll blog again in a few weeks (promise!) with loads of details about Recurring

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